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Pierre di Sciullo (alphabet)
Micah Zender (lyric animation)


Luke P. Woods
Brian Hunt (alphabet)


Cornelius (lyric animation)

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Point of View Point (view animation)

In this lyric animation, I utilized type made up of small points and created a sense of spatial depth. The narrative progression is slow and the visual intensity builds toward the song's ending. The repetitive lyric sequences are divided into scenes based on timing shifts or transition points in the song and choreographed in different ways.

Phonetic Alphabet (view animation)

Given the theme of encoded messages, my team began to explore the idea of a new phonetic alphabet. We recorded words and cut them into audio clips representing each of the distinct phonemes. With these audio files, we isolated a repeated waveform to serve as the new letter and sketched various visual translations. The animated phrase, "it can only be attributed to human error" from Stanley Kubrick's 2001 a Space Odyssey, shows the result of the process and pokes fun at our huge margin for error.